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Worship is the reflecting of God’s glory back to Him in the way that we live, including but not limited to: relating to/loving others, living the undistorted gospel of grace, living in gospel community, demonstrating the fruit of the spirit, stewardship of creation, stewardship of spiritual gifts, deliberate interruption for rest and reflection, and the humbling “acts” of worship such as teaching, reading of scripture, prayer, singing, lifting of hands, bowing, dancing, laughing, etc. – all of this gathered up in pure joy and adoration for God and His purpose.

We believe that personal worship to God is a spiritual discipline.  If we only worship God when we “feel like it”, we place ourselves, rather than our Creator and Redeemer God, at the center of the experience, or even worse, seek the gift of an emotional experience rather than the Giver of that good gift.  We can easily get caught up in consumer mentality and connoisseurship, even blaming the environment, style choices, leadership, fellow worshipers, etc. for our own lack of discipline.  Instead, we seek to make deliberate choices in our personal and corporate worship to place God where He belongs at the center of our lives and experiences.  If God blesses us with overflowing peace and joy in His presence, we are grateful and give Him the glory!

Investing in our relationship with God is the single greatest thing we can do to grow in our personal worship and prepare our hearts for corporate worship.  Anything can be worshipful if we do it with an awareness of God’s presence and take pleasure in who He is and what He’s done.  We can worship God as we work at our jobs, in our schoolwork, loving our families, serving other people, even washing dishes or mowing the lawn, as long as we’re doing it to God’s glory. 

Music is only one of many ways we can engage in worship to God.  However, music is an especially powerful tool because God designed it to influence our emotions, attitudes, and physical being, even on a molecular level.  We can listen to artists and songs that might distract us from God’s presence and purpose, or we can utilize music to help keep us focused in our prayer lives and in our awareness of God’s presence. 

We want to help you come into our weekend services knowing the music rather than coming to learn it.  The benefit is two-fold.  If you’re connecting with God through a specific song during the week it will be that much more powerful when we share in that song together on a weekend.  Also, if you richly connect with God in a weekend service, hearing those songs again while commuting to work on a weekday can help take you right back to that worshipful moment.  

The links to the right will take you to our current rotation of featured songs that we sing in our weekend services along with an archive list of songs that have been especially meaningful in our history and might make an occasional comeback.  If you like to be ahead of the curve, there is a list of new songs coming down the pipeline that may be added to our regular rotation.  Lastly, you can simply listen and learn the songs we’re going to sing together this upcoming weekend.  

Ultimately, we seek to know and love God by attending to His presence in our lives more each day.  As we grow in our personal worship to God throughout the week, we believe it will overflow in our weekend gatherings.  We come each Sunday morning prayerfully expectant for God's life-changing power to move among us as we press in to Him.  We look forward to worshiping our amazing God alongside you.